What is the Most Popular Sport in Canada?

In the great white north, hockey is king. But what if you’re not a fan of pucks and sticks? Never fear, Canada has plenty of other sports to keep you entertained. From lacrosse to curling, there’s something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular sports in Canada and provide you with a guide on how to get started.

In Canada, people love to play sports. From hockey and lacrosse for the outdoor lover or basketball if you prefer an indoor game with friends on your floor! There’s always something new coming up in this country so make sure not to miss out by checking what type of sport is trending at any given time.

If you’re looking for a sport that’ll get your heart rate up and legs burning, basketball is the perfect game. You can play basketball at different levels, from streetball to professional play.[2]

What is the National Sport of Canada?

Ice hockey is a popular sport in Canada. It’s played at all levels, from youth to professional and enjoyed by people of any age across the country!

Hockey is a very violent and strategic sport.

In order to score goals, players must use their hockey sticks as weapons. They need to move around the ice in pursuit of the other team’s shooters. The shooters may try to take away one goal or more from the player.

The players wear ice skates and use sticks to control the puck. The game is played on a sheet of frozen water, typically in an arena!

What is the National Sport of Canada?

Hockey is a sport that requires both physical and mental skills. It is an exciting game that moves quickly. This makes it difficult for players to concentrate at times when they are being tackled or hit by another player on their team. [2]

Basketball is a very popular sport all over the world. In America, it is known as “the sport Benjamin”. Ice hockey originated down under Canada with players from that country producing many great ones.

The beautiful game of soccer is one that Canada loves to play. From elite, professional teams all the way down to recreational players there’s something for everyone! The Canadian Soccer Association encourages anyone interested in playing soccer to join in, at any level. You can start out by playing casually, or work your way up to participating in retirement games.

They have programs that will work for everyone. They also work hard every day so that no one has missed out on what could be a lifelong hobby because he/she didn’t know where his next opportunity would come from. [2]


Cricket is a bat-and-ball game that is played between two teams of eleven players each. The game is played on a rectangular field with a pitch in the center. The object of the game is to score runs by hitting the ball with a bat and running between the wickets.

The game is played in Canada during the summer months. Cricket is a popular sport in Canada, with many people playing at the club level. The game is also popular among immigrants from cricket-playing countries.

Cricket is a relatively easy game to learn and play. However, it can be challenging to master. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the game.

If you are interested in learning more about cricket, there are many resources available online and in libraries.

The best way to learn the game is to play it with friends or family. You can also join a local cricket club. [1]


It is a game that is enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Golf can be played at any time of year, in any weather conditions.

There are many golf courses across Canada, ranging from those that are open to the public to exclusive private clubs. No matter where you play, golf is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, get some exercise, and spend time with friends.

If you’re new to golf, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to purchase some equipment. While it’s possible to rent clubs at most courses, it’s usually more economical – and more fun – to have your own set.


You’ll also need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the game. Golf can be a complex sport, with many different rules and regulations governing play. However, most courses will have staff on hand who can help you get started.

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to start playing. Golf is a great way to spend a day outdoors, and with practice, you can develop your skills and lower your score. Who knows – you may even find yourself hooked on the game! [4]

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, and it’s no wonder why. This winter sport is fast-paced, exciting, and requires a great deal of skill. If you’re thinking about taking up ice hockey, or if you’re already a fan of the game, here’s everything you need to know about getting started.

Ice hockey is a contact sport played on ice, in which two teams of skaters use sticks to shoot a hard rubber puck into their opponent’s net. The game is played at all levels, from youth leagues to the professional level.

One of the great things about ice hockey is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. If you’re a beginner, there are plenty of ways to get involved in the game, such as learning how to skate, joining a local team, or attending a hockey camp.

If you’re already an experienced ice hockey player, you’ll find that there are many opportunities to compete at higher levels. There are numerous tournaments and leagues for players of all skill levels, so you’re sure to find a competitive environment that’s right for you.

No matter what your level of interest or experience, ice hockey is a great sport to get involved in. So put on your skates and get out on the ice! [3]


Tennis is a sport that has seen a recent resurgence in popularity in Canada. In the past few years, more and more people have been taking up the sport, thanks in part to the success of Canadian players like Milos Raonic and Eugenie Bouchard.

If you’re thinking about picking up a racket, here are a few things you should know.

Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities.

Whether you’re looking for a casual way to stay active, or you’re hoping to compete at a high level, tennis is a great option.

There are many different ways to play tennis. You can join a league or club, or simply play with friends. There are also a number of tennis facilities across the country that offer public courts for anyone to use.

When it comes to equipment, you don’t need much to get started. A racket and a few balls are all you really need. However, if you’re planning on playing regularly, you may want to invest in a few other items, such as a bag, shoes, and clothing.

If you’re looking for a fun and challenging way to stay active, tennis is definitely worth considering. With its growing popularity in Canada, it’s easier than ever to get involved. [3]


Basketball is a popular sport in Canada with many people playing at various levels. The game is played indoors and outdoors, making it a versatile option for those looking to get active. While there are plenty of organized leagues and clubs available to join, basketball can also be enjoyed as a casual pick-up game with friends.

The game requires a good amount of running and jumping, so it’s important to be in decent shape before playing. Additionally, basketball can be quite competitive, so it’s important to know your skill level and play against opponents of a similar ability.

If you’re looking to get started in basketball, there are a few things you’ll need.

  • A good pair of basketball shoes is essential.
  • You’ll also need a ball and a hoop. If you’re playing outdoors, it’s also important to have a backboard to protect your investment.
  • Finally, if you plan on playing in an organized league, you’ll need to purchase a uniform.


Basketball is a great way to get active and have fun. With a little bit of preparation, you can be on your way to enjoying this popular Canadian sport. [4]

In Canada, sports hold a special place in the hearts of its citizens. Here’s a comparison of the most popular sport in Canada, its cultural significance, and notable events associated with it.

Sport Cultural Significance Notable Events
Ice Hockey Deeply ingrained in Canadian culture, often called Canada’s national winter sport. NHL Stanley Cup, IIHF World Junior Championship, and the annual Winter Classic.
Soccer Rapidly growing in popularity, especially among youth and diverse communities. Canadian Premier League, FIFA World Cup qualifiers, and MLS matches.
Curling Considered a true Canadian tradition, celebrated for its strategy and teamwork. The Brier, Scotties Tournament of Hearts, and the Winter Olympics curling events.
Canadian Football A distinct Canadian variation of American football, with a dedicated fan base. Canadian Football League (CFL) Grey Cup, college football, and Vanier Cup.
Basketball Experiencing a surge in popularity, notably with the Toronto Raptors’ success. NBA Finals, FIBA Basketball World Cup qualifiers, and local basketball leagues.

Explanation of the Table:

  • Sport: Lists the most popular sports in Canada.
  • Cultural Significance: Describes the role and importance of each sport in Canadian culture.
  • Notable Events: Names some of the most-watched and celebrated events in each sport.

Ice hockey, often considered Canada’s national winter sport, holds a special place in the hearts of Canadians. Soccer is rapidly gaining ground, especially among youth and diverse communities. Curling is celebrated for its tradition and teamwork, while Canadian football has a dedicated fan base.

With the Toronto Raptors’ success, basketball is also on the rise. Each sport in Canada has its own unique cultural significance and a range of exciting events that captivate fans across the country.


The most popular sports in Canada are hockey, curling and lacrosse. It’s not surprising that people are interested in watching sports on television or playing them ourselves. These three disciplines account for more than half of the country’s interest.

More than half of Canadians polled prefer hockey over any other sport. Curling and lacrosse are activities that some people do for fun or competition. However, hockey is more popular than these activities.

What Is the №1 Sport in Canada and Why?

Lacrosse is a popular sport in Canada. People like it because it is easy to play and it keeps you active. You can also stay connected with your friends while playing.

Lacrosse is a fast-paced sport that is gaining popularity. It is a sport with lots of scoring and excitement. There are now many different leagues and tournaments for players of all ages who want to have fun!

Lacrosse is lots of fun and you’ll never get tired playing it. It is great for your brain to think a lot. You will get smarter!

People use a lacrosse stick to control the ball. They are also allowed to use their bodies to block shots and check opponents.

What Is the №1 Sport in Canada and Why?

Lacrosse is one of the most strategic sports on earth. In order to be successful in this game, players need to think quickly and make smart decisions. This comes with practice.

If you’re looking for a challenging and exciting sport to play, then lacrosse is definitely worth considering. It is a great way to stay active, meet new people, and have a lot of fun.

Canadians are always up for a good game of sports! From football, baseball and basketball to hockey – Canadians love them all. It doesn’t matter what season it is; if you want to have some fun with friends, then there’s no better way than playing one of our many popular North American games here in Canada.

Canadians are adventurous people who like to try new things. They go on camping trips and hiking tours to experience new things and get some exercise.

You might be thinking why does this matter? Well, the most popular sport in Canada is basketball. There are over two million Canadians playing the guitar. This means that more people like the guitar than hockey.

Lacrosse is a Canadian sport that has been played for centuries. Ice hockey is the most popular sport in our country. It comes second only to soccer as far as popularity goes on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

The goal is to get your team members close to the other team’s net, and then shoot them into the other team’s net. But don’t worry if you miss – there are two teams playing, so one mistake won’t matter too much.

Lacrosse is a traditional Canadian sport that originated with the Native Americans and was brought to Canada by British settlers. It’s now played all over this fine country, from sea level up top notch mountains as well.

What is Canada’s National Game?

Lacrosse is an exciting game that teams play against each other. To score a goal in this game, you hit a small rubber ball with a long stick. The team whose player hits it last wins!

This sport has many different variations. Some people play sports that are like lacrosse and soccer, but you use your feet instead of your hands. They also play volleyball at the beach sometimes.

Field Lacrosse is the most popular type of lacrosse in Canada. Ten use sticks to hit balls into their opponent’s net, and they also try to protect themselves and strategize. The game lasts for two minutes or so depending on the league’s rules.

Box lacrosse is a sport that is played with six people on a smaller field. The walls are higher and the sticks are shorter. This game is mostly popular in the eastern provinces. Women’s lacrosse has fewer players, but it is very similar to men’s lacrosse.

Do Canadians Watch Cricket?

Canadians love to play cricket! In fact, it’s the second most popular sport after ice hockey. This game is mostly played by immigrants from countries where this form of football is more common. India and Pakistan are two examples of these countries.

However, you can usually find matches being played at local community centers or parks if you’re looking for some low-key entertainment with friends on weekends.

Do Canadians Watch Cricket?

Cricket is a great way to get outside and spend time with friends and family. You can also meet new people this way. It is a great way to exercise because you have to run around a lot.

Cricket is a sport that many people enjoy. It is a game where you try to hit a ball and score runs. You also have to protect yourself from the other team.

Which sport enjoys the most popularity in Canada?

Ice hockey is the sport that enjoys the most popularity in Canada. It is often referred to as Canada’s national winter sport and holds a special place in the country’s culture.

Ice hockey is popular in Canada due to its deep historical roots, its success on the international stage, and its prominence in Canadian communities, where it is played at various levels, from youth leagues to the professional NHL.

What other sports have a significant following in Canada?

While ice hockey is the most popular sport in Canada, sports like Canadian football, soccer, basketball, and lacrosse also have significant followings and contribute to the diverse sports culture in the country.

How does Canada’s geography influence its sports preferences?

Canada’s vast geography influences its sports preferences. Ice hockey, for instance, is favored in regions with colder climates and access to ice, while Canadian football and soccer have widespread popularity across the country.

Are there any unique regional sports or traditions in Canada?

Yes, Canada has unique regional sports and traditions, such as curling in the prairie provinces and dog sledding in northern regions, which reflect the diverse cultures and climates across the country.

What role do international sports events play in Canada’s sports culture?

International sports events like the Olympics and the FIFA World Cup generate significant interest and enthusiasm in Canada, bringing communities together to support Canadian athletes and teams on the world stage.


Hockey is a great game to play and even better, it’s also Canada’s most popular sport! If you are looking for a new sport to watch, hockey is a great option. There are many different levels of hockey, from beginner to professional. So nearly everyone can enjoy this fun game.

There is no age limit or skill level that cannot play this sport. So go ahead and start playing today. You will get closer to becoming the next great Canadian hockey player with every point scored against another player.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this article helpful. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below.


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